Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are Here!!

If you haven't already done it, its time to get your hummingbird feeders out.

Make up a batch of nectar by mixing 1 part white table sugar to 4 parts water, no red dye please.  Sugar water can go bad quickly, so either change it out twice a week, or add Nectar Defender to keep it good for up to two weeks.  Pick an open spot that's visible from your favorite chair, hang the feeder up and your good to go!

Need a new feeder?

These specially designed feeders have built-in ant moats to keep bugs out and feeding ports that prevent rain water from diluting the nectar solution. They’re easy to hang or pole-mount and easy to clean (top shelf dishwasher safe). They’re also backed with a lifetime guarantee and we offer them in several sizes.